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Buy Hyaluronidase online

Products containing Hyaluronidase are intended for correcting unsuccessful results of beauty injections and for solving some other esthetic problems.
Main advantages
High quality and safety.
Provides a possibility to remove some part of filler after contour correction procedures.
Efficiently removes some scar formations without surgical interference.
Description and composition
It is released in the form of a lyophilized powder in 5 ml. vials. Product is available for purchase in packages – 10 pieces in each. The active component is a depolymerizing enzyme hyaluronidase, an activity of 1500 c.u.
Product purpose
Liporase inj. is used in esthetic medicine.
Indications to using the product:
Overcorrection by fillers in contour plastics;
Granulomas (nodular formations);
Fibro-sclerotic form of cellulites.
Injections are made directly into the area of correction. Following the injection there starts the destruction of molecular compounds of hyaluronic acid. Shorter oligomers are injected naturally. The procedure result will be noticeable following 2 days.
Depolymerizing enzyme hyaluronidase 1500 c.u. (activity is expressed in conditional units)
Cool-dehumidified Buy Hyaluronidase online
How to purchase the product
We carry out direct deliveries of cosmetic products for esthetic medicine including hyaluronidase Liporase directly from South Korea. It’s more advantageous to purchase the product through our internet-store as you won’t have to overpay to agents.

One can order the product through our website by filling in a special form. Consult a doctor about the reasonability of purchase.

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